Preview - Bravos: Manila

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Tuesday, November 10, 2015 - 11:25

Author Commentary: 


Story by
Paolo Chikiamco and Butch Mapa
Art by
Butch Mapa
Lettering by
Wilson dela Fuente
Studio Salimbal
Cover Price:
PhP 100
Date of Release:
November 2015
Other Details:

Enter a world where only the Philippines has superheroes, where Persons-With-Power serve their country as Bravos, to face both mundane threats and super-powered Contras. Kit Kamao is a young Bravo, thrust into the spotlight when Mega Manila is attacked while the Datus — the world’s most powerful super team — is away.

Will Kit’s first appearance on the world stage be his last? And just who is behind the latest Contra attack? Fine out in a superhero story set in a Philippines both new and familiar. The BRAVOS Universe begins here!