We are a Philippine-based comics studio. Our goals are simple: 

to create comics, and to create a community

To do so creatively, coherently, consistently.

We will be in stores. We will be at conventions. But we'll also be online in a big way, with most of our stories being serialized as webcomics, because that allows us to give readers something new easily, consistently, and constantly.

How constant? By 2015, we believe we will have enough comics that we'll be able to publish a new page every weekday for the entire year.

The Salimbal: The Salimbal, or Salimbar, is a ship from Bukidnon mythology that can take people directly to heaven, without first needing to die. It is said that the ship descends from the Skyworld from a hole in the sky, then ascends back up with its cargo via a string or chain which is pulled by a god. Entry to the Salimbal was possible only through a doorway guarded by two magical kampilan (large swords) which would cut down anyone seeking entry who was unworthy of the Skyworld.

The Salimbal is representative of the unique and wonderful nature of the myriad mythologies we call Filipino, and as a Studio, we aspire for that uniqueness and wonder, and draw inspiration from our cultural heritage. The Salimbal as an otherworldly vessel is also representative of our desire to transport readers to new, fantastic realms, beyond their wildest imaginings.